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How to Really Buy a Property
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Free Property Buyers Guide

This free Property Buyers Guide is a special online preview edition of How to Really Buy a Property. You can get all the information contained on these pages in pdf format by visiting the free preview download page.

Part I: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Should I Buy or Rent?
  • Should I Invest my Cash in Property?
  • What is My Motivation to Buy?
  • Should I Buy in a Falling Market?
  • Where Should I Buy?
  • What the Media Use to Predict Property Prices
  • What is 'New' and What is 'News'
  • What is Real and What is 'Human Interest'
  • The Use and Abuse of Mortgages
  • The Property Experts in Which we Trust
  • So Who Can Make House Price Predictions?
  • The Hidden Agenda for Making House Price Predictions
  • UK House Price Predictions and the Regions
  • The Current Trend in the National Property Market
  • Variations in the Annual Property Cycle
  • Modelling the Property Market
  • The Property Market Innovates
  • Averages Just Don't Work
  • The Emotions in the Property Market
  • Confidence and Capitalism
  • Property Bubbles
  • When the Figures Lose Their Meaning
  • Why 'First Time Buyers' buy
  • Why 'Second Time Buyers' buy
  • Why People Trade Down
  • Why Speculators or Developers Buy
  • Why Buy to Let Investors Buy
  • The Income Stream - Yield
  • Killing the Yield and Making a Loss
  • Capital Gain
  • Buying off Plan
  • Using an Investment Company
  • Considering current housing stock

Part II: Preparing to Buy

  • The Deposit for Buying a Property
  • Buying Property on a New Development
  • Buying Property Where You Don't Want to Live
  • 100% Mortgages
  • The Way Professionals Work with Estate Agents
  • Irrelevant Questions
  • Agreements in Principle (AIPs) and Pre Arranged Mortgages (PAMs)
  • What Do You Need Your Mortgage to do?
  • Financial Advisers Who Charge
  • Before You Start Viewing Properties
  • How your lender can force you to pay for a second solicitor
  • Big Firms and Little Firms
  • The New Breed of Conveyancers
  • No Sale, No Fee
  • Fixed Fee
  • Recommended by a Friend
  • What will Happen to the Property Market?
  • Am I in a Good Financial Position to Buy Property?
  • Is the Property in a Flood Zone?
  • Is There Planning Permission for This Property?
  • How Much Did the Vendor Buy the Property for?
  • How Far is the Nearest Park, Busy Road, Railway?
  • What are the Schools in the Area Like?
  • What is Crime Like in the Area
  • How the System Works
  • Preparing for Viewings
  • Common Terminology
  • Making an Offer on a Property
  • Listening to the Estate Agent
  • How Much to Offer and When
  • Choosing your Offer LevelThe following outline the various ways to offer on a property.
  • Clearly Defining You and the Offer

Part III: From Offer to Exchange

  • Why Buyers Trust the Wrong People
  • The Advice of Family and Friends
  • The Advice of the Solicitor
  • The Advice of the Surveyor
  • The Advice of the Estate Agent
  • You, The Buyer in a Property Purchase
  • Your Solicitor in the Property Buying Process
  • The Vendor in the Property Buying Process
  • Real and Perceived Power
  • How the Balance of Power Changes
  • Retentions in a Survey
  • What is in the Survey
  • Structural Issues
  • Bulging Walls
  • Trees, Maintenance and Other Issues
  • Types of Surveyors
  • Asking the Vendor to Carry Out Work
  • What the Solicitor Needs to Find Out
  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Solicitors Who Fight
  • Power of Attorney
  • Fast Track Purchasing
  • The Fee and its' Impact on the Sale Price
  • Big Agent, Little Agent
  • Using More than One Agent
  • Changing Agents
Author of How to Really Buy a Property

I'm Tim Hill, Author of How to Really Buy a Property. I'm a property buyer, seller, landlord, tenant and I've been an agent in hundreds of transactions. I own a property portfolio across Europe but that doesn't mean I think you should to!

This book is my collective knowledge and experience that I have gained working within the property market of England and Wales for over a decade. I've written it so that you can benefit from what I have learnt whether you are a first time buyer or a budding buy-to-let investor.

There are no gimmicks here and no get rich quick schemes - just practical no nonsense advice so you can buy the property you want at the best price with the least stress.

Download the Free Preview copy right now. I won't be asking for your email so I can bombard your inbox with 'special offers' and 'discounts' because I know most people who read the Free Preview buy the full copy. See for yourself!