This is an extract from the ebook How to Really Buy a Property.

Most of the 'How to buy' property books should really be called 'Why to buy' and spend their pages repeatedly explaining the benefits of owning bricks and mortar. In the vast majority of cases the author was an investor who simply got lucky, made a handsome profit, and now wants to demonstrate that it was all a carefully thought out plan for any layman to follow.

How to Really Buy a Property could not be more different. From the first pages the idea of property ownership is questioned and the text is there to guide you in this important, and potentially disastrous, first step.

Once you know that it is property you want to buy then understanding the theory of the process and marrying it with the reality are essential, whether you are a first time buyer simply looking for a home or an investor building up a portfolio.

The most common theme running through every chapter is that of time and preparation for the unexpected. Knowing why both are critical saves both money and stress. The result is a pain free purchase where you remain fully in control.

Now in its 17th edition, and fully updated for 2021, there are over 240 packed pages of information complete with charts, diagrams, illustrations and true stories in 23 easily accessible chapters. How to Really Buy a Property covers, among other things: