How to Really Buy a Property
The ebook that has saved thousands of buyers and sellers time, stress and money

This isn't another Why Buy Property Book ....

This is How to Buy Property in 2021 ... the smart way!

I'll tell you how to know if now is the right time to buy ... for you

You'll discover how professional buyers and investors work with estate agents to get better deals

I won't try and sell you some miracle property course - everything you need to know is in the book

I'll show you how to stay in control between Sale Agreed and Exchange of Contracts

You'll learn who is who, who works for who ... and the hidden agendas they all carry!

I recommend the products and services I use ... not the ones that will offer me kickbacks

Property buying explained in graphics

You'll get graphics that explain the lingo and the jargon coming your way

Flowcharts for buying property

I've included flow charts so you can make smart decisions fast like the professionals do

23 chapters & over 330 pages ... with no padding ... and completely updated for 2022!

True stories from people buying property

You'll find 20 true stories of successes and disasters that you can learn from

The property market explained

I'll explain the property market and how you can work it to your advantage

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Author Tim Hill

I'm Tim Hill, Author of How to Really Buy a Property - Now in its 17th edition and completely updated for 2022.

I'm a property buyer, seller, landlord, tenant and I've been an agent in hundreds of transactions. I own a property portfolio across Europe but that doesn't mean I think you should to!

This book is my collective knowledge and experience that I have gained working within the property market of England and Wales for over a decade. I've written it so that you can benefit from what I have learnt whether you are a first time buyer or a budding buy-to-let investor.

There are no gimmicks here and no get rich quick schemes - just practical no nonsense advice so you can buy the property you want in 2022 at the best price with the least stress.

What's in the 2022 edition .....

  • Why buying property is right for some and wrong for others;
  • The state of the market today;
  • What Brexit and Covid 19 means to the future of UK property;
  • How the media have become unreliable indicators of the market;
  • Who makes good quality predictions for the property market (and who doesn't);
  • How the market works over the short term and the long term;
  • The difference between property bubbles and property booms;
  • Why it can be a good idea to buy when prices are falling;
  • The principles of buying a property to let and what the text books don't tell you;
  • Ways to get on the property ladder when it looks impossible;
  • How professional buyers and investors work with estate agents to get better deals;
  • Why you should see as many Financial Advisors as possible;
  • What to do before you start viewing so you don't lose your dream home;
  • Who the surveyor, solicitor and estate agent are really working for;
  • How to make an offer to get things your way;
  • Who to trust and who, with the best intentions, may be misleading you;
  • Why you should work to minimise the time between offer agreed and exchange;
  • Making sense of a property survey including:
    • What type of survey to get and why structural surveys can be money wasted;
    • Why surveyors should never estimate the cost of works;
    • When rising damp, penetrating damp, subsidence, cracking, sagging roofs, bulging walls and all the other frightening things in a surveyor's report might be serious, and when they are not;
    • Why asking the vendor to carry out work is not always a good idea.
  • Step by step guides explaining what should be happening, what can happen, and how to solve mole hills before they become mountains;
  • Over 140 terms in an easy to use glossary so the jargon of the property industry can be understood;
  • 20 true stories of successes, and disasters, that real people experienced when buying a property.

.... and what's not in the book ...

  • Continuous commentary banging on about how great property is and that it is the only place to put your money!
  • Recommending businesses that I get kickbacks from.
  • Rewording and republishing what is available freely from most websites anyway.
  • Endless tales of how easy it is to buy property and profit.
  • Attempts to sell you some course or other product.
  • Blank pages and spaced out text to make the book seem bigger.