How to Really Buy a Property
The ebook that has saved thousands of buyers and sellers time, stress and money
Author Tim Hill

I'm Tim Hill, Author of How to Really Buy a Property - Now in its 18th edition and completely updated for 2022.

I'm a property buyer, seller, landlord, tenant and I've been an agent in hundreds of transactions. I own a property portfolio across Europe but that doesn't mean I think you should to!

This book is my collective knowledge and experience that I have gained working within the property market of England and Wales for over a decade. I've written it so that you can benefit from what I have learnt whether you are a first time buyer or a budding buy-to-let investor.

There are no gimmicks here and no get rich quick schemes - just practical no nonsense advice so you can buy the property you want in 2022 at the best price with the least stress.

What's in the 2022 edition .....

  • Why buying property is right for some and wrong for others;
  • How the media have become unreliable indicators of the market;
  • Who makes good quality predictions for the property market (and who doesn't);
  • How the market works over the short term and the long term;
  • The difference between property bubbles and property booms;
  • Why it can be a good idea to buy when prices are falling;
  • The principles of buying a property to let and what the text books don't tell you;
  • Ways to get on the property ladder when it looks impossible;
  • How professional buyers and investors work with estate agents to get better deals;
  • Why you should see as many Financial Advisors as possible;
  • What to do before you start viewing so you don't lose your dream home;
  • Who the surveyor, solicitor and estate agent are really working for;
  • How to make an offer to get things your way;
  • Who to trust and who, with the best intentions, may be misleading you;
  • Why you should work to minimise the time between offer agreed and exchange;
  • Making sense of a property survey including:
    • What type of survey to get and why structural surveys can be money wasted;
    • Why surveyors should never estimate the cost of works;
    • When rising damp, penetrating damp, subsidence, cracking, sagging roofs, bulging walls and all the other frightening things in a surveyor's report might be serious, and when they are not;
    • Why asking the vendor to carry out work is not always a good idea.
  • Step by step guides explaining what should be happening, what can happen, and how to solve mole hills before they become mountains;
  • Over 140 terms in an easy to use glossary so the jargon of the property industry can be understood;
  • 20 true stories of successes, and disasters, that real people experienced when buying a property.

.... and what's not in the book ...

  • Continuous commentary banging on about how great property is and that it is the only place to put your money!
  • Recommending businesses that I get kickbacks from.
  • Rewording and republishing what is available freely from most websites anyway.
  • Endless tales of how easy it is to buy property and profit.
  • Attempts to sell you some course or other product.
  • Blank pages and spaced out text to make the book seem bigger.