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See Property Solicitor.

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"... from an agent if you can show that you have given some thought to: Your finances - see Sorting Out Your Mortgage Your solicitor - see Choosing a conveyancer or Solicitor What you want and why you want it The negotiator in a successful and professional agency is busy, especially in a..."

"... last thing you want to do when you have made the decision to start house hunting is bother with looking for a solicitor (and in this chapter we will use 'solicitor' to mean solicitor or conveyancer). It is however, one of the single most important decisions you will make and getting it wrong wastes your time and money and could result in you loosing the property you want for no good reason. In the vast majority of cases the following principle..."
"... cheap which was why they were chosen. In the end the buyer ends up paying for the cheap solicitor and the lenders more expensive solicitor which, in total, cost more than if the buyer had simply chosen a quality conveyancer in the first place. If you are in doubt, or your finances are..."
"... external parties. The investigation will take so long you are bound to have lost the property before anything is resolved. - The New Breed of conveyancers - In recent years there have been two changes in the world of conveyancing solicitors: Small firms have recognised the future is..."

"... The solicitor you use - the agent can sell you better if you are using a solicitor from the local area or one that the agent has recommended. They type of solicitor is also important in this process. Full details on how to choose the right solicitor are in Choosing a conveyancer or Solicitor ..."

"... to earn some commission (see Working With Estate Agents) The buyer does trust their solicitor even though, in most cases, the solicitor has a vested interest in the sale not going through (see Choosing a Solicitor or conveyancer) The buyer does trust their surveyor even though the surveyor..."
"... if the percentage of fall-throughs they are experiencing is rising above that of their business model. For more details on solicitors see chapter 12: Choosing a conveyancer or Solicitor. - The Advice of the Surveyor - The surveyor is another property professional who is also paid by you..."

"...Finding a good solicitor who can handle the local market is not easy so it is worth taking the advice of your lender (who may have someone in the area that they work with regularly) or the Estate Agent (who knows efficient solicitors that they have a good relationships with). Do not ask friends or family unless their recommended solicitor passes certain tests (see Chapter 12: Choosing a Solicitor or conveyancer) ..."
"... cheap, but then turns out to be incredibly slow because they are incredibly overworked You choose a solicitor who uses the conveyor-belt method (see Chapter 12: Choosing a Solicitor or conveyancer) You choose a solicitor who is a "one-man-band". He then falls ill or goes on holiday -..."

"... hours of agreeing a sale price; In Chapter 12 (Choosing a conveyancer or Solicitor) we covered how to choose a good solicitor that will take your agreed offer through to a quick and timely exchange so that everyone is locked into the deal. In Chapter 17 (The Property Buying..."

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