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What does 'Conveyancing' mean?


The name given to the legal side of the property buying process. In most cases a solicitor will carry out the conveyancing and they may be referred to as the conveyancer. It is possible for a buyer or seller to do their own conveyancing but at their own risk. For more information on this process see Choosing a Solicitor or Conveyancer, The Property Buying Process in Theory and Legal Matters in Property Purchases

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"... well financed conveyancing firm will charge a higher fee, but it will be appropriately staffed and have the technology to move things through quickly. Leaving your decision until after your offer has been accepted will lead to the same panic as not organising your finances and could leave you with many..."
"... surveyor will confirm the market value of the property but it is the solicitor who will raise flags on anything unusual that may affect this value. If, after receiving the paperwork from the solicitor you hired, the lender feels the conveyancing has not been carried out competently they will refuse to lend until a solicitor they trust has been over the documents and raised any enquiries of their..."
"... are bound to have lost the property before anything is resolved. - The New Breed of Conveyancers - In recent years there have been two changes in the world of conveyancing solicitors: Small firms have recognised the future is in size and merged, bought other firms or been taken over..."
"... large conveyancing firms feel it is efficient to break down the process into bits which are dealt with one by one. First they check the title, fixtures and fittings list, sellers questionnaire and contract have all arrived. Only when all documents are in do they then pass it onto the next stage. This is handled by a different team who order the local searches and wait for the..."
"... is a very tempting offer from solicitors and even though it is not quite as good as it sounds, it means your solicitor is motivated to get the conveyancing completed quickly. Technically the "no fee" relates to the labour part of the fee. In other words you will still have to pay for local searches and other charges but they won't charge you for their..."
"... deal about how they understand technology and modern working methods |YES | Does the solicitor regularly carry out conveyancing in the area that you are buying? --- NO ---> Avoid - small issues will take a long time to get resolved as they do not have the..."

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