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See Council of Mortgage Lenders.

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"... Council of Mortgage Lenders - Like the Halifax and the Nationwide the CML has a close grip on the number of new mortgage applications being received across the industry and use this, in part, to predict if the market will be moving up or down in the future. But as with the Halifax and the..."
"... 2013 they went for a no change prediction. Prices moved up 4%. For 2014 the CML started to predict volumes of mortgage lending instead of house price moves and for 2015 limited their forecast to "more slowly". From there on they rarely made widely reported predictions. -..."

"... all conversations with your solicitor you should try and ascertain which of the above two any query he has relates to. Solicitors often try to sound technical by saying they have to do something "because it is in the CML hand book". What they are saying is the query must be answered because the lender requires it. All other queries are then up to you. If you don't feel a particular enquiry in the latter category is that important then tell your solicitor you are prepared to take a view on it and drop the query in order to save time...."

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