What does 'Survey Booked' mean when buying a property?

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Survey Booked

Straight after a vendor has accepted your offer one of the first checks you'll want to do is a physical inspection of the property by someone who knows what they're looking at - a surveyor.

If you are getting a mortgage your lender may well insist on this as a way of independently checking the value of the house or flat so they know their loan is secure - if you stop paying they can sell the property and cover your debt and costs.

There are three types of survey,

  • Valuation Survey - an independent company (a surveyor) will visit the property and compare it to others which have sold in the area recently to assess its value.
  • Homebuyers Survey - a valuation as above and some basic checks for issues such as penetrating damp.
  • Structural Survey - a valuation survey and an inspection of the entire building (so only really possible when buying a house rather than a flat).

A mortgage lender is usually fine with a valuation survey because it will flag any major structural issues (such as possible subsidence) anyway. This is how they organize it:

  1. Survey sent to Panel - The mortgage lender sends out a request to a panel who farm out work to surveyors
  2. Survey Requested - The panel ask surveyors they think are right who wants the job.
  3. Survey Instructed - a surveyor accepts the job
  4. Survey Booked - the surveyor arranges with the vendor or agent a date and time to carry out the survey

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