What does 'Conservation Area' mean when buying a property?

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Conservation Area

Often misunderstood, a conservation area does not necessarily mean a place where people cannot build or make changes to a building. It can simply mean that there are certain restrictions such as the type of materials used or the sizes of extensions that are allowed on properties.

The exact restrictions vary from area to area with places like the city centre of Oxford being among the strictest.

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"... struggled to even breach 200,000 units. Despite this well known trend the situation is likely to be exacerbated by moves such as the continued introduction of more Conservation Areas, the protection of green spaces and ever rising immigration. It can be argued these go far towards..."

"... your solicitor is not based in, or familiar with, the area in which you are buying they may not know about local regulations. As such they request documents that do not exist. The vendors' solicitor does not reply for exactly that reason but your solicitor sits and waits for the document that isn't coming. The most common is planning permission. Many solicitors are unaware, for example, that you can build an extension on a freehold house in certain Conservation Areas up to ten percent of the volume of the original house or fifty cubic metres (whichever is greater) . As such they waste time swapping letters in an endless attempt to find planning consent on something that requires no..."

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