What does 'Valuer' mean when buying a property?

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A surveyor is occasionally called a valuer because he will give a value for a property based on other similar properties that have sold in the area.

However the term is more often applied to a person in an estate agency whose primary job it is to gain new instructions by persuading home owners to list their property for sale through their company. In smaller agencies the office manager is often the valuer.

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"... the same note ensure that whoever values your property will get part of the fee if it sells. In this way you know they will give you a realistic valuation because if they are simply paid a flat fee for every instruction they will be tempted to overvalue and the negotiators who are supposed to sell it will become demotivated. You may be surprised how many managers or valuers are just targeted on getting the instruction and so simply over value and over promise in order to get your property onto their books and hit their individual..."
"... progresses to exchange? If you managed to negotiate the fee down either the person who came to see you (the valuer) or the agent is weak and lacks confidence. If they cannot justify their fee to you, how well will they justify the price of your property to buyers? If you instruct a weak..."

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