What does 'Property Details' mean when buying a property?

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Property Details

Property Details are a set of information that has been put together about a specific property by the estate agent that is marketing the property.

Property Details can be in paper or electronic format (such as a listing on a website) and usually include:

  • photographs
  • a text description about the property
  • a location map.
  • the energy efficiency of the property.

They may also contain further information such as a floor plan or details about the lease in the case of leasehold properties.

Estate agents are required by law to check that property details are factually correct and can be liable if the details are found to make claims which are false when they inflate the value of the property.

A good solicitor acting for the buyer will always request these from the agent in order to get a better understanding of the type of property involved in a transaction.

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"... The most common is a mistake in either your details or the property details. They may have misspelled your name or got the postcode wrong. They could also have made a mistake with the term of the mortgage, expecting you to pay it back within ten years when you thought you had twenty-five! ..."

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