What does 'Multiple Agency' mean when buying a property?

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Multiple Agency

When a property is on the market with more than one estate agent it is referred to as multiple agency.

The term is usually of more relevance to the vendor because most agents will charge a higher fee if another agent is also instructed. They have one fee for 'Sole Agency' and a higher fee for 'Multiple Agency'.

When the property is on the market with two agents it is occasionally referred to as 'Joint Sole Agency'.

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"... three other scenarios that any vendor should be aware of, at least one of which should be avoided: Joint Sole Agency Split Commission multiple agency - Joint Sole Agency - This is a fallacy and a very glossy way of saying you are on with two agents. You are either sole agency or..."
"... commissions are most often found in very small agents where they do not have the staff or resources to market effectively. - multiple agency - Most agents will try to make you feel bad about going on with more than just them. They will use words like, "Everyone registers with us,..."

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