What does 'Further Enquiries' mean when buying a property?

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Further Enquiries

After a sale has been agreed the vendor's solicitor will send the your solicitor a draft contract and a number of other papers relevant to the sale (such as proof that the owner has the right to sell the property - the Title Deeds).

Your solicitor may decide this is all that he needs. However he may decide he requires more information either for his own piece of mind or because the mortgage lender requires it. As such he will ask these further questions and refer to them as "further enquiries" or "additional enquiries".

As such you may hear phrases like "I have raised further enquiries" which simply means "I've asked some more questions".

Managing your solicitor here is crucial in reducing the time between Sale Agreed (when the buyer and you just verbally agree on the deal) and Exchange of Contracts (when the deal becomes legally binding). Keeping these period of time as short as possible is vital because Time Costs Deals.

The issue here is that solicitors sometimes raise further enquiries just to show that they are doing some work when in fact the answers to them would have no relevancy on your decision to go through with the sale. They can also be totally irrelevant to the sale and anger the vendor for no reason.

A classic example of this might be asking for the original architects drawings for a property that was built decades ago or for window painting schedules for a property that has UPVC frames.

You're paying for your solicitor so you have the right to instruct them on what they should do. As such its worth asking them to email you any further enquiries before they send them and to mark any which are optional (i.e. not required by the mortgage lender or by your solicitor to fulfill their legal duty to protect your interests).

You can then strip out those which are not relevant because they will not make any difference to your decision to buy.

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