What does 'Fixtures and Fittings List' mean when buying a property?

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Fixtures and Fittings List

The vendor of a property must prepare a fixtures and fittings list which states exactly what they intend to include in the sale. This might include lighting, fitted carpets, kitchens or kitchen appliances, beds, tables, etc

Note this document does not have to be prepared until after an offer from a buyer has been accepted.

After a sale is agreed the vendor's solicitor will usually provide the vendor with a ready to fill in Fixtures and Fittings document which, when completed, is then sent over to your solicitor along with other documents related to the property.

If you made your offer in the way I recommend in the ebook How to Really Buy a Property then the Fixtures and Fittings list is an important document confirming what was agreed when your offer was accepted.

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"... deeds (or office copy entries) and starts the local searches As soon as the sellers questionnaire, fixtures and fittings form and managing agents accounts (in the case of a Leasehold purchase) come through he raises enquiries The local searches come back, perhaps prompting a couple of..."
"... large conveyancing firms feel it is efficient to break down the process into bits which are dealt with one by one. First they check the title, fixtures and fittings list, sellers questionnaire and contract have all arrived. Only when all documents are in do they then pass it onto the next stage. This is handled by a different team who order the local searches and wait for the..."
"... searches and wait for the results. Once local searches have come back the whole lot gets passed to the next team who then raise enquiries on the title, contract, fixtures and fittings, sellers questionnaire, local searches and maybe even on the survey. When the replies have come back they..."

"... and Fittings - this specifies exactly what the vendor intends to leave. It should confirm any agreement you made at offer stage such as including the curtains and carpets. They may also list items which they are prepared to sell to you should you want them. These could be anything from shower curtains to kitchen..."
"... like and your solicitor believes that the one provided is inadequate. There is no definitive protocol for what a fixtures and fittings list should look like and your solicitor believes that the one provided is inadequate. The buildings insurance on the property may not be adequate for the..."
"... most common issue is that your solicitor does not believe a document provided by the vendor's solicitor is legally adequate. To the vendor's solicitor this is a smack in the face and an insult to his professional capabilities. All too often the process can get bogged down in an, "Oh yes it is" - "Oh no it isn't" circular argument. The most fiercely debated are Deeds of Variation, sellers packs and fixtures and fittings..."
"... number as well as written permission to apply for them. The Sellers Questionnaire: From the vendor (see below). fixtures and Fittings List: From the vendor (see below). Building Insurance: From the vendor or if he does not have it, from the insurance company once the vendor provides him..."
"... to complete. The vendor must return: Details of where the Title Deeds are or the Title Deeds themselves A Sellers Questionnaire A fixtures and Fittings List A copy of the current buildings insurance Any guarantees he has concerning work that has been carried out on the property Copies of..."
"... who is responsible for the garden fence which borders his property with his neighbour's) The vendor and their partner take days to agree what should be included on the fixtures and fittings list The vendor cannot find details of his current building insurance and has to ask the insurance..."

"... Title Deeds Does the person who is selling the property actually have the right to sell it - do they own it? fixtures and Fittings Apart from the bricks, mortar, roof and windows, what is the vendor proposing to include with the sale? The Sellers..."

"... or the requirements of mortgage lenders. The paperwork which should be coming through is as follows: The sellers questionnaire The fixtures and fittings list Any planning consents (if applicable) Any building regulation certificates (if applicable) Any guarantees (damp, roof, etc.) The..."
"... the sale falling through because you spend too much time on such petty enquiries will it cost you a great deal more than that? - The fixtures and Fittings List - There will be far fewer issues on this if you make your offer comprehensive (see the chapter How to Really Make an Offer on a..."
"... buyers also get upset when they believe their offer was put forward to specifically include a certain item, such as the cooker, and the fixtures and fittings list says it is not included. Bear in mind that the vendor may have filled out this form weeks before your offer was agreed but not thought to adjust it's contents. More often however it is the solicitor who makes the error. He finds he suddenly has two fixtures and fittings lists and, not sure which one is correct, sends the more "prudent" one...."
"... Story - Carpets and Curtains at Duncan TerraceA buyer agreed to pay £1.325m for a town house in Islington and the vendors solicitor immediately sent across a complete pack containing all the required paperwork. In among this was a fixtures and fittings list which laid out the extra price required for the purchase of the curtains and the carpets. The buyers were angry that the vendors had even suggested they pay an extra £2,000 for these items considering the price being paid for the property. The vendors, on the other hand, had always had to pay extra for carpets and curtains in every purchase they had ever..."

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