What does 'Building Control Approval' mean when buying a property?

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Building Control Approval

Where a property has had structural changes made to it (say it has been converted from a house into apartments or an internal wall has been removed) the owner will need the local authority to approve the works have been carried out to certain minimum standards as defined in law.

This is known as 'Building Control Approval'. Usually, but not always planning consent is also required.

Be aware that building control only started in the mid 1980s and so if changes were made to a property before this they will not have, and do not need, building control approval but proving the dates of changes can prove tricky.

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"... Regulation Approval - again these are only required if the vendor or some previous owner made changes to the property that are deemed to be structural and so should be inspected by the local borough's building control department. These can include changes that have been made inside the property and so did not require planning consent. An example could be where two rooms have been made into one and the wall that was removed was a structural part of the..."

"... it is perfectly possible that your solicitor will start looking for something that does not exist. In this case call the local building control office and check when their inspections began. If it was after the date of your query, let your solicitor know and ask them to get on with other more important..."
"... is also possible, for a small fee, to get the building control Approval certificate yourself direct from the local council. It will be much, much quicker than waiting for your solicitor to write to the other solicitor, and the other solicitor to write to the building control Office in question. The fee can be around £30 which in the great scheme of things is not worth getting hot under the collar..."

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