My survey says the property has problems with the electrics


This is not unusual. In fact most properties (technically) do have electrical issues and the older the property - especially period properties - the more problems.

The reason behind this is that electrical laws and regulations are constantly evolving and being updated to make properties safer and better for everyone (such as lower light switches for wheelchair users.

As soon as there is a change in the law or a regulation most properties already built are instantly out of date and so have "problems".

But updates are not normally retrospective - the new law or regulation is for all properties built from that day forward.

Surveyors normally take this into account and will only flag up serious issues such as a lack of earth on things like metal sinks and baths.

But, but, but ... a surveyor is not an electrician. He is only providing a point of view that will need to be checked by an electrician.

To find out if there are real issues you'll need to pay a qualified electrician to go and have a look. Estate agents normally have a few they can recommend.

The electrician will obviously be looking for some work so expect a cost estimate but remember to sort the "nice to have updates" from the "needs to be done for safety reasons" work.

Depending on the electricians report/quote and the state of the market you might consider attempting to renegotiate the sale price with the vendor.

To find out more about how to handle electrical issues the smart way when purchasing a property pick up a copy of my ebook How to Really Buy a Property.

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"... if the damp found by the surveyor is significant enough to warrant tampering with the walls. electrics - an electrician to see if there is anything unusual or "unsafe" in the way the property is wired. Plumbing - a plumber to check the piping and central heating system (if gas) are..."

"... The choice below is almost a check list of where the surveyor will choose one or two items for further investigation: Damp The Roof The electrics The Plumbing The Structure Remember a good surveyor will simply say "there is damp which requires further investigation". A bad surveyor..."

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