What does 'Fall Through' mean when buying a property?

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Fall Through

If a price for the sale of a property has been agreed between a buyer and a vendor but this deal collapses (and cannot be bought back to life) it is known as a "fall through".

Fall throughs happen in around 30% of properties sold through agencies and 50% of properties sold privately.

The figure is high because during the period between Sale Agreed and Exchange of Contracts (when the transaction becomes legally binging on both buyer and seller) can take weeks and during this time both buyer and seller can walk away if they choose.

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"... purchase, no fee' solicitors - these firms usually calculate into their business model that a certain percentage of purchases will fall through. Those clients that do buy cover these costs which means they are generally more expensive. This aside a 'no purchase, no fee' solicitor has a vested interest in your offer going through to exchange and so may gloss over points that they really should bring to your attention. The likelihood of this will rise if the percentage of fall-throughs they are experiencing is rising above that of their business..."

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